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When Will My Baby Talk?

It's one of the first two questions dads want to know: "When will my baby talk?". (Question #2 being "When will my baby walk?"). Yes, moms wonder too. But it's the dads who are eager to get to the "fun" stage.

Whether you're a mom or a dad or other caretaker, watching your baby start to learn their sounds and start talking is so exciting! So when will your baby talk? Around their first birthday. Once they are consistently using a word, even if it's not pronounced correctly, we count that! What if it's a baby sign? As long as it's consistent, that counts too!

See my chart below for more detailed milestones of vocal development in the first year.

Please note: This is a chart of vocal development only. There is a whole other side to language learning, and that is receptive language or everything that your baby understands but does not say. This explodes in the first few years of life, so you want to be aware of that as well. Stay tuned for another post covering receptive language development in the first year!

What was your baby's first word? My little one's was "hi"/ waving.




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