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The Course

Become your child's (parent) speech therapist.

the course

This course will help your child if:

Your child is not meeting communication milestones

You want to help your child ​exceed future milestones

Your child is behind but not low enough to qualify for speech therapy

Your child is receiving speech therapy, and you want to bolster their success

You want to stop worrying if you're doing all you can to help your child speak well


Become confident that you're doing all you can for your child.

"I wish I would've just known this sooner!"

It's something I heard from parents time and time again once they were finally able to get their child into speech therapy and start learning all the wonderful research-based techniques to help their child develop their language.

But too often, they had to jump through countless hoops to even get to that point.

So I created this course to get those techniques into your hands sooner.

I want you to know that you are doing all you can for your child, whether they are already meeting their language milestones or not.

Take the course and watch your home change from a place of frustration and worry to a haven of cooperation and fun!

"We could not have made a better choice."


Course Specifics


  • Set goals for yourself and your child

  • Learn the research behind the course



  • Learn how to find your child's target zone

  • Find out when and how to use the target zone

The Target Zone



  • Apply my 5 tips to enhancing language development at home

  • Remove barriers to your child's continued success

Creating a Language-Rich Home


  • Discover 4 types of prompts and the order you should use them

  • Be able to teach specific words during daily routines

How to Give Prompts


  • Learn the CPR steps to optimize play for language development

  • How to set up your child's play environment and the best toys to encourage language development

Encouraging Language Through Play


  • Learn my 4 tips for helping with behaviors that get in the way of your child's success

  • Find out how to capitalize on intrinsic rewards

Managing Challenging Behaviors


Plus 4 FREE PDFs to help you continue your success

Become your child's (parent) speech therapist.

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