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Speech Sound Ages

I could not possibly tell you how many parents have asked me, "My child can't say the [L or S or R] sound. Is that a problem?"

Well, there are two more questions we have to ask before we answer:

  1. Should a child that age be able to correctly produce that sound yet? (See my chart below)

  2. How is that articulation error affecting their life?

Let's address question #1. All sounds are not created equal. Some are just harder to master, so children tend to master them at later ages. Refer to the chart below.

Let's say your child is 4 and cannot yet produce the L sound correctly. Look at the chart. That sound is mastered by most children by age 6. So, it's probably not time to be worried yet. If he is close to 6 and still not producing it correctly, seek out the help of a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, or DM me!

Now let's address question #2: Is it impacting your child's life? Is their overall intelligibility below where it should be? (See my post for more info). Is your child getting overly frustrated by their communication struggles? Is your child experiencing bullying? Are there many sounds that may not be past mastery age but are still concerning? Are there patterns of errors, such as dropping all final sounds or shortening all long sounds?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions or if your gut is ever telling you that there might be something wrong, seek out a certified Speech-Language Pathologist or DM me!

As always, there is so much more to this than a simple chart, and every child is different. That's why parents play such a huge role in doing the best thing for their individual child. I'm just here to help you in that journey!





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