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Teach your Child to Talk in 5 Minutes Per Day.

the course

Throughout my five years in speech therapy, parents kept saying the same thing: I wish I had known this sooner! I created the Teeny Talkers course to get evidence-based speech therapy practices in the hands of the most influential people (you!) sooner. Whether your child is behind or ahead, this course is for you!

Learn research-based techniques

Find out how to play to promote language

Create a language-rich home

Learn how to teach specific words

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Mother with holding baby and toddler.

I'm Kjirsten.

Hearing your child call you "mama" for the first time may just be the best sound in the world. Not to mention that glorious feeling when they start telling you what they need instead of incessantly whining.

But what if your child doesn't start saying those things on their own?

As a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, I'm here to help you get your child talking. Whether you're jumping in early to help your little one talk before their peers or you need them to catch up, I'm your gal.


"We could not have made a better choice."



Learn the research-based techniques.


Apply the techniques during daily routines.


Watch your child flourish!

Ready to get your child talking?


Learn how to teach language through play.

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